Nerdy Cat Coffee

Espresso Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz bottle

Organic/Fair trade espresso, slow steeped for 24 hours in filtered water. This Cold Brew Concentrate has Chocolate & Hazelnut undertones!!! It's 70% less acidic than normal coffee and has a smooth, delicious taste!!!

About Nerdy Cat Coffee

Nerdy Cat Coffee is a small business that sells Organic Cold Brew Concentrate to the Lawrence area!!! The idea for Nerdy Cat Coffee came around when I couldn't find a cold brew that I enjoyed. I started using a small Toddy and experimenting with different beans and waters, and eventually found something that I thought was the best. I'm proud of my coffee and I love the way faces light up when they try my coffee for the first time!

Where to find Nerdy Cat Coffee?

We have our delicious Cold Brew Concentrate stocked at:

  • Checkers, 2300 Louisiana St. Lawrence, KS
  • Hy-vee, 3504 Clinton Parkway. Lawrence, KS
  • Northside Social 444 Locust St. Lawrence, KS
  • The Dragon's Hoard, 1045 Pennsylvania St. Lawrence, KS

Giving Back

Cats and Dogs are some of the best medicine in the world for anxiety, depression and many other problems. 10 cents of each bottle will be donated to a charitable organization that helps/supports animals!